AICA also presents a platform for public voice and consumer protection for the Beauty and Aesthetic Science industry. To enhance the image and service quality of the Beauty and Aesthetic Science Industry, AICA acts as the centre of dissemination of latest updates and methods for improvement and advancement of the beauty profession and, the connection between members and relevant industry regulatory and standards authorities. AICA is a national and international benchmark for the beauty profession worldwide.

To date, AICA has trained and groomed numerous quality professional aestheticians. These aestheticians are trained to be holistic Beauty Science practitioners that constantly make the transition to fulfil the increasing needs and demands of consumers. They are trained by highly qualified lecturers who equip them with knowledge and practical skills to meet industry and market requirements.


To Establish A Complete Legal System For The Beauty Industry


Elevate the industry image and recognition, as well as to promote the importance of professional standardisation within the Beauty Science Industry.

Founder Message

The beauty industry in Asia is rapid growing especially in Malaysia. It has great potential to contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth through development of new skills and creating an alternative job market. To date, the industry has opened up more than a thousand jobs, which gives optimism for the industry as not just one that offers promising business opportunities, but also numerous career options for youth of the country with aspirations to excel in the beauty industry. The demand for professional beauty aestheticians has increased swiftly over the years. This has also led to an influx of uncertified practitioners with unregulated services. According to the Malaysian Association of Standards Users and the National Consumer Complaints Centre, as many as 2013 complaints related to the Beauty Science industry were reported in year 2013. Based on the various published complaints, unethical and unqualified beauty practitioners pose a serious threat to public health, while skilled practitioners are at a risk of losing their credibility. A professional body was absent to protect consumers’ rights. Guidance was undeniably needed to regulate services. This is where the role of AICA comes in.

AICA liaises directly with IPEC Certification Bureau to empower beauty professionals improve quality of service and strengthen public confidence. IPEC is an International Certification Body accredited by “Standard Malaysia” under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. AICA acts as an authoritative voice for members in the Beauty and Health Science Industry. AICA is the ideal platform to forge ahead the growth of beauty and aesthetic science towards a professionally regulated environment. In conclusion, to all individuals out there who wish to thrive in this industry, please join AICA so that “YOU ARE CERTIFIED” to successfully embark on your beauty and aesthetic science journey.

Our Committee

Prof. Dr. Ng Wee Kiong

Founder & President

Dr May Then

Vice President

Dr Ng En Kiat

Honorary Secretary

Dr Amie Khor

Honorary Treasurer


In recognising both the potential as well as the quality and safety issues of this unregulated industry, the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry (KPDNKK) had published guidelines for beauty practitioners to promote professionalism, advocate safe practices and meet global standards to help beauty establishments and practitioners to gain recognition for their best practices and professional decorum.

In other words, the quality of beauty establishments and practitioners reaffirmed the critical need for regulation by way of accreditation to build and sustain the growth of Beauty Science Industry. This is where the role of the International Persons Certificate Bureau (IPEC) took shape, focusing on professional sustainability of the industry alongside consumer safety.

In keeping with its efforts to elevate the industry image, as well as to promote the importance of professional standardisation within the Beauty Science Industry, the IPEC Bureau emphasised on the significance of certification by act under Standards Malaysia Act 1996 (Act 549). IPEC is confident that with standards and pioneering schemes, the Malaysian Beauty Science Industry will be able to withstand competition, offer skilled services, and gradually intergrate itself into the global value chain.

The accredited schemes and certifications provide an assurance of safety to the consumers, by endorsing industry best practices and quality treatments adopted by credible and capable beauty practitioners. ISO/IEC 17024 Certification of Persons encourages more and more industry stakeholders to embrace a culture of quality and opt for standards and accreditation, towards building trust and enhancing the value proposition to consumers and professionals alike and Safety Certification scheme to improve current sitting and quality environment practices of new salons and spa.

It has supported the Beauty Industry to remain competitive, helped to improve the quality of human capital besides making a difference through its products and services. With active participation in promoting standards for quality and competitiveness, IPEC continues to play a complementing role towards the success of one of the nation's Strategic Reform Initiatives called the Competition, Standards and Liberalisation (CSL-SRI). IPEC Bureau's establishment was well supported by the local Ministry as well as the industry associations.


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