AICA pays serious attention to consumer protection. AICA ensures that anyone who chooses to be a professional aesthetician is incompliance with official standards and must have undergone training with relevant programmes require to be recognised as a professional Beauty Therapist and Aesthetics Medical Specialist. AICA emphasises that practitioners are fully qualified and LICENSED TO PRACTICE, according our standard. This will help safeguard consumers from being misled by unprofessional practitioners and suffering any lasting damage.


AICA liaises directly with IPEC Certification Bureau (IPEC) to regulate and provide licenses to aesthetics practitioners. IPEC is a Certification Body accredited by “Standard Malaysia” under Ministry of Trade and Industry for certification of persons in compliance with National Standards and ISO/IEC 17024 Certification of Person. This is to make sure all practitioners are professionally qualified and recognised.


AICA will provide assurance to practitioners to enhance their quality of service. We strive to empower beauty professionals to provide quality services which are standardised, regulated and secure which will boost public confidence.


AICA offers counselling and advice to aesthetic practitioners to further their education to gain greater knowledge, skills and qualification to increase their competence in the field and help them evolve in the constantly changing landscape of the beauty industry.

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